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OTP Airport&Main railway

Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport

Built in 1965 on the site of a former military air base, it is the largest and busiest international airport in the country. The current name was later added to Bucharest - Otopeni Airport in honor of Henri Coanda - Romanian aviation and jet plane pioneer. From 2000 to present day, continuous works of modernization were taken to meet higher standards of quality and increased travel volume. The most recent include infrastructure development, new boarding area extension and a new Departures Terminal which doubles the airport processing capacity.

Quick facts

  • Location: Otopeni Town, Ilfov County, 16,5 km. North from Bucharest center
  • Operational capacity: 39 aircraft movements/hour
  • Terminals: 2
  • 6 000 000 passengers/year (B Services Level)
  • 2300 passengers/peak hour
  • 104 check-in counters
  • 38 boarding gates (14 air bridges and 24 remote gates)
  • 6 belts for baggage reclaim
  • Public parking: 1849 lots (of which 669 lots for long term parking)

Direct connection to the city:

  • Bus 780 - direct connection to Bucharest North Station ( Gara de Nord )
  • Bus 783 - direct connection to the city center. This line runs day and night. At night, the bus leaves every 40 minutes.
  • Airport stops: In front of the Arrivals Terminal and Departures Terminal
  • Ticket purchase: A special magnetic card is required for the trip. It is available at the card desk in front of Arrivals Terminal.
  • Price: for one trip - 3,5 lei. The magnetic card valid for two travels costs 7 lei.
  • Bus schedule available here


: According to new regulations, the airport authorizes only licensed taxi companies under the following terms:

  • Licensed taxis with fares between 1.39 lei / km and 3.5 lei / km, available on the ground floor, in front of Arrivals Terminal. These taxis will take passengers in order of arrival.
  • Touch screen terminals with taxi companies available in Arrivals, for customers who wish to order a certain company.
  • Taxi stations signposted for taxis with fares of maximum 1.4 lei / km - either on request or other.
  • Taxi access in public parking strictly prohibited by law.
  • Approaching customers, both by taxi drivers and by middlemen is sanctioned by taxi law. Any violation of the law in the airport area shall be handled by the Transport Police (phone number: +4021 201 3242).

Estimated taxi prices for airport - city center transfer:

  • All taxis must use the meter. If the taxi driver tries to negotiate the price, you should search another one.
  • Average price - airport - city center ( Unirii Square) - depending on traffic - min 3 euro - max -15 eur ( 15 - 70 lei )
  • Average distance - 10 - 18 km.
  • Payment: only cash.

Currency exchange at the airport: We advise you to exchange only small amounts of money in the airport. The exchange rates are not very convenient compared to exchange offices in the city center.

OTP Airport&Main railway

Bucharest North railway Station

Opened in 1872 during the former Kingdom of Romania ruled by Carol I, Bucharest North Station is today the main railway station in the city and the largest in the country. Most of the mainline trains to and from Bucharest depart from here.

Quick facts:

  • The building is designed as a U shaped structure.
  • Bucharest Station is managed by CFR Romania, Regiotrans and Transferoviar companies
  • It operates currently 14 tracks and 8 platforms.
  • It serves approximately 200 trains, both domestic and international  Budapest,  Sofia, Varna  Burgas, Chisinau, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Chernovtsy, Vienna, Istanbul, Moscow, Saratov, Minsk)
  • Tickets can be purchased online, without the need of physical presence.

Connection to the city center:

  • Public: Several bus lines available for the city center. Bus stations are located mainly in front of the entrance. Best lines: 123, 124, 133 - transfer to Romana Square ( Piata Romana ) and Unirii Square ( Piata Unirii )
  • Metro Station - Gara de Nord - line M1 and M2
  • Private: taxis - station in front of the building. General fare: 1.39 lei/ km. Normal average trip by the meter - depending on traffic - 12 lei ( 3 eur )
  • Connection to the airport - express bus line 780 - operates only in daytime - fare: 3.5 lei/trip valid through a magnetic card purchased at the card desk inside.