housingTo find the right home and a good deal in house hunting, it is advisable to use the services of Bucharest Advisors.  We know  the  market  and  the neighborhoods,  and  we  are  independent  of  any housing or real estate agency. In most cases we can provide you with pictures before house hunting and can take digital pictures of the details that you may be interested  in  to  help  you  narrow  down  your selection. During our orientation and house-hunting tours, we give you the scoop on the geographical areas. You will learn about school and health facility locations, shopping centers, potential traffic jams, and access to your workplace.

Romanian   Realtors   receive commission from the landlord  and  thus  have  no incentive   to   negotiate   on   your behalf.   Also, landlords  do  not  sign  an  exclusive  contract  with one  agency;  they  prefer  to  sign  up  with  several agencies instead. Should you decide to go house hunting  with  several  different  agencies  you  may find  yourself visiting  the  same  homes  over  and over again.

At Bucharest Advisors, we often begin prior to your   arrival   in   Romania   by   conducting   a preliminary telephone interview to explain to you the market and your options. The interview will also  serve  to  help  us  better  understand your family’s needs. We will narrow the search to the appropriate  neighborhoods  and  then  focus  on finding a the best home within the chosen area. Bucharest Advisors works with several realtors so that you will get the most complete listing of homes that match your needs.

In  addition  to  helping  you  find  your  new  home, Bucharest Advisors  also  oversees  the  lease negotiation process. We represent your interests, as the owner and the real estate agency iron out the  details  of  the  lease.  Bucharest Advisors explains your rights as a tenant and verifies that the English-language lease that you are reading in fact matches the legally binding Romanian version. Additionally, we confirm that the lease is signed by   the   legal   owner   (or   representative)   by obtaining the land registration documents.

 As  the  lease  is  a  crucial  step  to  getting  an assignee and family member’s legal residency in Romania, Bucharest Advisors verifies that the lease  will  be  supportive  of  their  application  and include  all  important  details  required  for the residence  permit  application.  Finally, Bucharest Advisors  will  schedule  the  home  inspection/ inventory and the key handover prior to move-in, and will be present to handle any final details on that day.

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