Crime and Safety

Crime and safety in Bucharest
crime and safety

Crime & Safety

Bucharest’s crime rate is low in comparison to other European capital cities.

Petty crime is more common, particularly pickpocketing on the city’s public transport network.

A few things you need to be careful about:

  • Petty thieves and pickpockets. They operate especially in crowded areas and in buses. Subways are safer because they have guards on the train. Keep eyes and hands on your wallets and purses when in a crowd.
  • Taxi drivers. Call a cab using one of the mobile apps or take one of the taxi companies recommended. Make sure the price is right and the driver starts the counter before moving. Have small bills available.
  • Scams. Don’t buy things or exchange money from people offering it on the street. If you see people who seem to be in trouble, call 112 and report the emergency because it could be a scam.
  • Beggars. They are almost always part of an organized network. Don’t give them money.
  • Traffic. Because of poor infrastructure of public transportation, traffic, specifically, can be an absolute nightmare and many tourists may be surprised to learn that Romania has the worst safety statistics in Europe.
  • Speedy drivers. Look around before crossing the streets; some drivers are very impatient and might even go through the red light. You need to be careful.