The first documentary testimony of the city is dated September 20, 1459, in an official document issued by the prince Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) ”from Bucharest”. Starting from 1659 the town remains the capital of Tara Romaneasca (Wallachia).

This city has seen many changes - early trading days in 15th century during Vlad ‘’Dracula ‘’ The Impaler rule, 17th century Ottoman control, several natural disasters, renewal as Little Paris during 19 and 20th century Kingdom of Romania, socialist and communist rule post World War II, democratic transition and current capitalist stage.

Old Town walking area

old city

One of the attractions of city center , it is an undeniable piece of local history - showing the early start of local trade . Today , it is a main tourist attraction , due to the lively nightlife produced by almost 100 bars and clubs in the walking are.

Landmarks - Old Princely Court Museum , St Anton’s Church , Manuc Inn, Stavropoleos Church , National Bank , Villacrosse Macca passage.

Victoria Boulevard

victoria boulevard

Main central avenue and a must sightseeing part of city center . It is the best illustration of French style influence during the golden age of Bucharest and Romania . The first avenue with public electricity and pavement , it displays a number of beautiful architectural productions in Neoclassical , Eclectic and avant - garde modern industrial style , as well as luxury shopping outlets.

Landmarks : CEC Palace , National Military Circle , Casa Capsa, Romanian Athenaeum , Kretzulescu Church , Hilton Palace.

Herastrau Park area - Kiseleff Northen Boulevard

herastrau kiseleff

The north side of the city is by many standards the high end part of Bucharest . From properties to standard of living to stylish residential and booming business areas , it is more expensive than city center . The Herastrau Park & Lake is one of its main attractions - the largest park in Bucharest , highly recommended in the summertime due to its premium terraces and lounges.

Landmarks -Open air Village Museum , Arch of Triumph , National Television , Primaverii residential quarter.

Parks and green areas

parks and green areas

Despite its high density of block of flats with little green space , the city counts a few remarkable parks , designed between 19th century and recent communist age

Landmarks : Cismigiu Gardens -the oldest , Carol Park - French style garden named after the first Romanian king and more modern - Tineretului park , Izvor - facing the Parliament , Titan Park , Herastrau Park & Lake - the largest as well as a special area - Vacaresti Nature Park with a surprising ecosystem and wetlands around Lake Vacaresti.

Museums and visiting sites:

Like any European capital , Bucharest counts a series of museum form various cultural areas . There is still room for creative expression , but a traveler’s curios eye can be pleasantly surprised by the offer.

Special mentions: