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Meet a consultant

If you did not plan your time in Bucharest our consultants can meet you at your location. Our team customizes experiences according to your needs! We have all the local information and home grown tips on the best city activities, where to do them and when! We developed expertise and use that knowledge to provide a valuable service. Based on your interests you will get value information tailor made during a cup of coffee with our consultant.

Use the local insights to explore Bucharest city life.

A traveler who needs ideas about where to go or wants suggestions about things to do in Bucharest. Our Consultant will work with you directly to figure out the needs and wishes you have and will make personalized recommendations based on experience and prior knowledge. Almost anyone can go online and make travel arrangements, but it can be hard to tell real value from marketing fluff without some experience.

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Service benefits:

  • 1h Consulting, advising and designing a Personalized Trip Agenda based on your needs and budget.
  • Instant info&bookings: restaurant, car and driver, tours and activities, clubs bottle service.
  • Local tips& budgeting.
  • Continuous assistance throughout your trip in Bucharest.