The Brancovan Mogosoaia Palace

mogosoaia palace

Founded in 1698 by the martyr Ruling Prince Brancovan who was beheaded with his 4 sons on August 15, 1714, the Palace is representative for the Romanian Brancovan architecture style, a mix of Venetian and Oriental styles. It was renovated in 1920 and in the 1980’s, a favourite location for the political leaders to meet here in the 1930’s. You have to see the Princely suites, the Venetian loggia, the art collections, as well as the natural hedge row labyrinth.

Snagov Lake and Snagov Holy Monastery

snagov lake

The Snagov Lake covers 6 ha. It is 9 m deep and 12 km long. It hosts international kayak and canoe contests.The Holy Monastery had been founded in 1408 by Mircea the Elder, Dracula’s grand father. Here was buried by the monks Vlad The Impaler Dracula in 1476. It was a great religious and culture centre, a printing house for the first books in the Romanian language with Latin alphabet (Antim Ivireanu), books also for Greece, Georgia, Bulgaria, Serbia, and a mint of money – coins for Wallachia, a good hiding place, a secret treasury and a terrible prison. There was a wooden bridge and a secret underground tunnel. You will see the Snagov Ceausescu Protocol Palace from outside.