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BucharestAdvisors relocation services



Assessment: We determine your specific needs and establish which type of support and information is required in your situation.

Service information and support: We provide you with relevant information on education system, schools / preschools / kindergartens in the selected location.

Advantages of this service:

  • We provide you with relevant information on education system, schools / preschools / kindergartens in the selected location.
  • BucharestAdvisors provides an informative and comprehensive orientation service to show all that an area has to offer before assignees initiate a home search.
  • Our professional search consultants offer in-depth knowledge of each local area, including parks, supermarkets and schools. They offer accompanied viewings to different types of properties, advising on transport connections, clubs, restaurants and hospitals.

A typical preview visits include:

  • A general overview of the city.
  • Accompanied orientation of residential areas and appropriate areas like parks, supermarkets, shopping areas, schools and medical facilities.
  • Overview of transport and other amenities, like sports and leisure opportunities.
  • Pre-trip questionnaire analyses.
  • Itinerary planned to your requirements.
  • Post-trip analysis and relocation advice.
  • Personal Relocation Plan Bucharest Advisors will supply a comprehensive relocation plan and time line customized to your personal circumstances and needs.


home search

Assessment:We determine your specific needs, budget and establish which type of property is required in your situation.

Service information and support:

  1. Selection of properties - Selection of max. 6 properties that comply your requirements and budget are provided to you prior to your arrival to Romania. We will view it and validate the quality in case required.
  2. Rental lease contract - We secure rental lease contract for the selected property, connect the utilities if needed (electricity, gas, water, television and internet) and provide you with instructions for check-in.
  3. Moving in - Accompanying the assignee on property walk through as well as conducting an inventory inspection to be signed by all parties involved.

Advantages of this service: You can move directly in after your arrival to Romania. Avoid dishonest realtors and additional costs. Be sure you are renting in a safe neighborhood and that you will be able to register on the address of your apartment.

Note: You will not have to pay the realtors fee with this package.

Long term: rental lease for duration of minimum 1 year.


settling in

Assessment:We determine your specific needs and establish which type of support is required in your situation.

Service information and support:In our experience, relocation assignments are most successfully when assignees are well informed and thus we are able to make the settling in fast. There is a big difference between visiting a place and living there, usually because of the massive cultural adjustment and dealing with regular issues in an unfamiliar environment.

We make settling in easy. Some of the settling in services provided are:

  • explain the social system and way of life
  • facilitating direct enrolments and subscriptions, public transport, mobile subscriptions, etc.
  • overview of the expat community and networking opportunities
  • providing a comprehensive general information package containing useful tips on living in the host country
  • providing information and advice on local medical and dental care options
  • providing information and advice on reliable handyman and maintenance service providers
  • providing information and advice on local insurance requirements and assisting with the completion of necessary forms
  • language lessons
  • school search
  • introduction to expat organizations
  • assistance with the opening of personal bank accounts
  • assistance with mobile phone subscription

Advantages of this service: Get your basics of your life in Romania covered fast and safe.



Assessment: We determine your specific needs and establish which type of residence permit is most suitable in your situation. Third party costs are confirmed to you.

Service information and support:

  1. Document collection - We collect all the required documents, prepare application forms and obtain necessary signatures.
  2. Filing application - After compiling the application we file it. We monitor application process for you and ensure you are informed on the progress.
  3. Appointments - We schedule an appointment to the local authorities. We will also physically assist with the completions of all relevant applications forms to endure smooth, hassle-free process. Our Advisor will submit application forms with supporting documents and inform the expatriate and / or family members about any future appointments that are necessary for them to attend.

Advantages of this service:

  • You can leave your immigration process in our professional hands. A single point of contact will be provided to you, with a consultant taking care of every aspect of the process making sure you have no legal concerns about your stay in the country or other work permit related problems.
  • Our dedicated local immigration advisors minimize the involvement of both assignee and the client company in the compliance process.


after care

Assessment: The After Care service will address any issues you face after your relocation and offer functional support.

Service information and support:

  • After arrival expatriates can be faced with many questions and challenges, both in their work and in their domestic life.
  • If you are finding yourself out of time, stressed and overwhelmed by your daily responsibilities and need help getting some of your to do list items, the After Care service takes the pressure off you and enables you to focus on your new role, safe in the knowledge that your needs are being taken care of by offering functional support.
    • Ad hoc problem solving
    • Resources recommendations: medical specialists, tax matters, lawyers etc.
    • Advice and information on anything you come across that needs an explanation: official letters, bank forms, insurance policies, traffic violations etc.

Advantages of this service: Finding answers and getting practical support is perhaps the most important aspect of a successful and happy relocation.



Assessment: We determine your specific needs and establish which type of support and information is required in your situation.

Service information and support:

  • Terminating and closing accounts
  • We will provide you with comprehensive advise on how to terminate accounts, close contracts and cancel subscriptions before you leave the country.
    • home closing: cancellation of all basic and requested utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet)
    • bank account cancellation
    • coordination of security deposit return
    • letter of notification to landlord
    • preparing house/apartment for handover
    • residence permit cancellation

Advantages of this service: Make sure you can leave Romania without loose strings.

Why use us?

  • Local Expertise Local experts providing the local know-how to actively support every aspect of your move to your new location.
  • Optimize associated costs Cost effective suppliers
  • Tailored Service Designed to fit the personal needs and budgets of every user, individual and corporate.
  • Hassle Free Taking all the worry and stress out of your relocation.
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