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Bucharest dining scene is experiencing a renaissance where quality food, service and atmosphere are being celebrated by locals and incoming visitors alike. Our consultants will help you choose the best restaurant according to your preferences or book a table for you at a restaurant you choose. We provide this service because it can be difficult to reserve a table due to language barriers and we also hand-pick the restaurants to ensure you have an incredible dining experience!
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Service benefits:

  • Reservation prevent you from any kind of disappointment faced when your favorite restaurant does not have a table for you when you just arrive without any prior booking. Also when your table is booked in advance you avoid the waiting time at the restaurant. It’s a great sense of relaxation for anyone whose table is pre-reserved, as he can arrive at the restaurant anytime.
  • Advice about Bucharest Restaurants: general overview, budget, tips, waiter services.
  • Info about Romanian cuisine and dishes and dining etiquette.
  • Make FREE restaurant reservations and get FREE personal advice based upon your dining request.
  • For groups we can manage to agree a certain menu in order to minimize waiting time for the food. You can choose a full menu or you can combine whatever you want and let us know to organize your dinner.