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Transport in the city


Bucharest’s public transportation systems are operated by the company RATB. The service includes buses, trolleybuses, trams, underground trains (Metro). Buses, trams and trolleybuses run daily from 4.30 a.m. until 11.00 p.m. The three Metro lines interconnect at Piata UNIRII Station, and service frequencies range from 15 minutes late in the evening to every two minutes at peak times. Tickets or passes must be bought before boarding; you cannot buy them from the driver. They are available at Metro stations,and buses station. The single tickets are valid for one single journey of any length (without changing) on all. Special tickets can be purchased that allow a change of route. There is also a range of pre-paid books of tickets and value-for-money passes on sale. When using single tickets, a new ticket has to be validated at the beginning of each journey, and this is done by inserting it into the slot in the small red or orange box situated at waist height near the doors of buses, trolleybuses, trams. Please note that on the Underground system these boxes are in the stations at the top of the escalator. There are many ticket inspectors: some of them are uniformed and others plain-clothed, but they always wear a red/blue armband and carry a photographic identification badge. They can ask to see tickets and passes on any vehicle and anywhere on the Metro system, including after you have got off – so please remember to validate your ticket and keep hold of it! Maps sited at the entrances to metro stations give a comprehensive overview of the entire public transport network in Budapest. Conditions of travel are also included, in German and English. Romanian citizens as well as citizens of other member states of the European Union over the age of 65 years can travel free of charge on RATB Bucharest public transport services when they present to inspectors a personal identity card or document certifying their citizenship.

Night bus service

Bucharest’s excellent night bus system has just been upgraded to 25 lines! Please note that to make sure that everyone has a ticket, the transport company (RATB) has hired uniformed security guards who check for tickets in the bus stops. It’s no problem if you don’t have a ticket, since the security staff has them on sale all night – just pay and ride. As capital and largest city in Romania , Bucharest provides a complete overground and underground transport network . Two public companies manage the transport in Bucharest – RATB ( National Transport Agency in Bucharest ) for overground network and METROREX for underground trains.

Overground transport

Tramway lines – 1 – 56
Trolley Buses lines - 61-97
Urban Bus lines: 101 – 862
Express lines : 780 – 783
Currently , there are day and night lines . The night lines range from N 101 to N 125
Day timetable : 5 am – 23 pm
Night timetable : 23 pm – 4.30 AM , as follows 23 pm – 1 am , every 40 minutes
1am-3 am , every 120 minutes
3am -4.30 am , every 40 minutes

The payment is made with an electronic pass – magnetic card – available at every card desk . Every card should be supplied with a minimum value , depending on its type and services needed.

There are 2 types of passes:
– nominal , with a minimum value of 15 ron – aprox 4 eur , and a maximum of 50 ron
- instant , with a mimimum of 2.6 ron and a maximum of 50 ron
Price / travel : 1.3 ron for urban lines
2.6 ron for express lines
1.5 ron for preurban lines In addition ,an integrated card for overground and underground transport is available as follows:
Unique ticket for 60 min – 5 ron
Ticket with 10 travels and 60 minutes / travel : 30 ron
One season ticket valid for one day 16 ron

Underground transport

The metro network covers almost all of Bucharest . The Central Hub is Piata Unirii with 2 mainlines Piata Unirii 1 and Piata Unirii 2 , allowing the passengers transfer towards different routes. The trains operate from 5 am to 23 pm . The last train leaves at 23 pm from end line stations .
2 trips : 5 ron
10 trips : 20 ron
Monthly pass with unlimited trips : 70 ron
Monthly pass – unlimited trips – for pupils and students 35 ron


There are around 30 main taxi companies in Bucharest. The general tariff within the city is 1.39 ron / km . The meter should be always turned on , otherwise the trip may be rejected.
Main taxi stations can be found at Piata Unirii and Piata Universitatii .
Some hotels and clubs may work with preferred taxi companies .
Useful link: http://www.taximetre.ro/taxi/bucuresti/