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Everybody knows the French and Italian wines, but few people are familiar with the Romanian flavors and the local production. We would like to bring you closer to the Romanian wine trails and stimulate your senses in an afternoon tasting. Passionate about wine or just curios - anybody can include it in the local experience.
Standard Package
Recommended in afternoon, between 15 -18:30 for a comfortable atmosphere.
Location: best wine bar in Old Town area
Includes: 6 Romanian white & red wines from various winery regions of the country, a bottle of still water 0.3 l, crackers and olives. Each tasting wine glass contains 50 ml of wine/pers.
Meet & greet at accommodation, reservation, setup and personal assistance at the wine bar for anything necessary.
Detailed information provided by the sommelier about the wines and geographical areas of origin.
If you are interested in particular types of wine, we can customize on request other options.

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