Virtual Assistant offers a dedicated assistant to plan your travel!
Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Bucharest Advisors’s objective is to optimize the chances of the success of your business/leisure trip by becoming your representative abroad and supplying with logistics and skills. We offer to manage your agenda and to better control the unexpected – having extensive local knowledge we are able to plot the best routes ensuring your schedule is respected. Bucharest Advisors is  here to plan your trip. Everything from hotel accommodations to  business meetings and the hottest night spots. Bucharest Advisors ensure that you receive a stress-free, successful and enjoyable experience when visiting Bucharest on business.

    • Driver accommodation – Getting around
    • Organizing business meeting and greetings
    • Meeting with clients – Renting conference rooms
    • Reservations: (Hotels – Entertainment – Tourism)
    • Private city, restaurants and bars tour
    • Nightlife guide
    • Emergency support
    • Local travel info
    • Personal assistance
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Hire A Virtual Travel Planning Assistant

What would you do if you had to travel on a short notice for a business or leisure trip and did not have the time or assistance to plan your travel? Wouldn't it be great if you had a dedicated assistant to plan your travel and other aspects related to your travel? Well, if you do not have an assistant in-house to help you plan your travel, you can hire a virtual assistant from Bucharest Advisors. Quite often, you would not find the time to search and book flights and make necessary hotel reservations. In such cases it is best to delegate the task to a virtual assistant.

Tasks Our Virtual Remote Assistant Can Perform

  • Planning travel budget
  • Arranging for cab services in the destination
  • Rescheduling / cancelling flights
  • Booking service apartments
  • Hotel reservations
  • Planning and scheduling meetings at the desired destination
  • Booking accommodation, restaurant, car and driver, tours and activities, clubs bottle service
  • Sending timely travel plan reminders
  • Trip itinerary planning for business or leisure
  • Event management/Event planning
Upon hiring a virtual remote assistant from Bucharest Advisors, you will get access to the services of a dedicated assistant who will execute all your tasks related to travel planning and management. Whether it is booking airline tickets, booking hotel rooms, determining travel itinerary, etc. your assistant will get these things done for you from a remote location. Our virtual assistant is competent in providing travel management solutions. The good part about the whole deal is that you get to enjoy the benefits of a full-time assistant minus the huge costs associated with hiring a full-time assistant.

Why Hire Our Virtual Remote Assistant For Your Travel Planning Requirements?

We help you choose the right assistant entirely based on your requirements. Some reasons why you should let our virtual assistant work for you
  • Support and enrich your travel experience locally
  • Lack of understanding of cross cultural, lifestyle differences and business etiquette
  • Manage your trip agenda, personal approach to your needs
  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Instant travel booking
  • Continuous assistance throughout your trip in Bucharest