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Visa and Immigration
When travelling abroad to live, work, invest or for any other reason it is important to understand the immigration requirements. If you are simply travelling on holiday you will need a valid ID or passport and may need a visa depending on which country you are travelling from. If you are coming to Romania with the intention of staying for more than a few months or if you are travelling regularly you should be sure that you have taken appropriate professional advice and complied with all relevant requirements. Even for shorter periods if you are travelling for business purposes you will need to be clear on the regulations.
You should always ensure that you and any employer are clear on the work permit requirements when taking up a new role. Be clear on who is responsible for submitting all necessary information and forms and ensure that it is being handled by a company with experience of doing so. Bucharest Advisors destination services include immigration compliance.
Visa is needed for the following countries: http://igi.mai.gov.ro/en/content/coming-trip-romania
For a listing of foreign diplomatic offices in Romania please visit: www.mae.ro
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